Annamari Vänskä
Annamari Vänskä is Professor of Fashion Research at the Aalto University, Finland. Vänskä has worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Fashion Studies at the University of Stockholm since 2010 and was awarded the prize "Adjunct Professor of the Year 2012" by the University of Helsinki for her excellence in research, teaching and popularizing science. She is also a visiting professor at Shanghai College of Fashion, Donghua University, China. Vänskä also works as a curator and actively participates in the public sphere as a columnist and expert commentator for Finnish daily newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat. The original Finnish publication of Fashionable Childhood, Muodikas Lapsuus, was given an honorary mention for “The Best Scientific Book of the Year" by The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and Finnish Association of Scholarly Publishing at the Scientific Book of the Year Awards in Helsinki in January 2013.