Else Skjold
Else Skjold is an associate professor at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Design School, Denmark. She holds an MA in Culture and Communication from the University of Copenhagen (2003). Her PhD fellowship was affiliated with Copenhagen Business School, The Doctoral School of Organization and Management, and Design School Kolding. Her PhD thesis The Daily Selection (2014) initiated her continuing work within the field of design entrepreneurship in the crossover between cultural studies, business and design. Her key approach is the combination of design anthropology-oriented wardrobe studies, and design and business strategies for sustainability. She has recently applied this approach in her research on fur (Kopenhagen Fur and Design School Kolding partnership 2013-18) and in ethnic entrepreneurship (Innovation Fund DK 2017-19). She is currently working on a pilot project funded by the Danish Ministry for Research and Innovation and hosted by the Danish organization Lifestyle & Design Clusterabout take-back systems in the areas of fashion, workwear, furniture and carpets. This project relates to issues of business development for circular economy in the fashion-, textiles, and interior sector in Denmark.