Amelie Varzi (Parsons School of Design, New York). A matter of packing

The widespread uncertainty of the past months has forced many, around the world, to collect their belongings (their clothes, books, but also their relationships, and future plans) and relocate until further notice. Some packed in a rush and returned to their country of citizenship, others packed to quarantine with their partners; some are still packing, others have reached their destination and turned their carry-ons into temporary laundry baskets or closet of sorts. To reflect upon these transitions and their significance with regards to people’s wardrobes, a few months back, the project “A matter of packing” started collecting people’s testimonies in the form of annotated suitcase photographs. Taking these photographs as a starting point, the project will explore the process of packing for the unknown, and the idea of the suitcase as a juncture between the familiar and the unpredictable.

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