Anna Anisimova (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Working from home: How fashion history research project can be conducted remotely. A discussion of image-based studies in fashion and textiles and digital methodologies

I am looking at this isolation as a challenge for all spheres of life, including our fashions studies. The major part of research projects, in the fashion history research sector, are conducted following the social and cultural studies standard methods and protocols. Isolation, however, put a locker on these activities due to apparent requirements such as distancing or a total lockdown of the main institutions (e.g. such as libraries, research centres, archives and labs).
The ongoing contemporary digitisation of the cultural heritage allows us to access this information and, using the modern digital data processing methods and analytical tools, extract valuable and reliable data for the research purposes. I refer to the evolving methodologies of using an AI for fashion research and other computational methodologies. And on the example of my own work (ongoing PhD project), I would be able to highlight the methods and benefits of using the remote research methods in the time of isolation. As well as to remind about the overall necessity to keep sane, positive and active during this challenging time.

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