Doris Domoszlai-Lantner (Independent researcher) and Anna Kormos (The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design). The QUARANTINE S/S20 Project: Archiving Sartorial Stories From The Covid19 Pandemic

QUARANTINE S/S20 is a digital archive of sartorial stories from the Covid19 pandemic. In response to the open call for contributions, the project has received over 125 submissions from over 20 countries (to date), demonstrating the varied responses and approaches people have taken to clothing during this liminal period. While some are “dressed down” in comparison to what they would usually wear, others have shown quite the opposite and are completely “dressed up” as if they were participating in their regular activities, or even going to a special event. Through their submissions, contributors navigate the uncertain, temporary circumstances in which they’ve found themselves: invisible to the public at home, but visible to a global audience online; using material culture to express their immaterial feelings and emotions. The submissions we’ve received demonstrate that clothing can be used to perform and reinforce identity, create new sartorial actions and rituals in lieu of regular ones, and act as a safe space that comforts us during difficult, and in this case, historically monumental times. Project instagram*: @quarantine_ss20 Project website:

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