Jenna Rossi-Camus (Regent’s University London). My Own Private Sewing Bee: Navigating the Personal and the Public in Lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have provided me with time and space for returning to fashion-related projects and pastimes that have been literally “on the shelf”. While social distancing requires us to exist online more than ever, it also brings analogue pursuits back into the field of vision. I have been sewing almost every day since the lockdown started, and as my hoard of fabric gets smaller, and a wardrobe of clothes to wear online for the foreseeable future gets larger, I have also returned to a long-abandoned ritual of keeping a sewing journal inspired by those in museum collections. For The New Normal, I will present this work in progress, reflecting on both taking part in a tradition and on the shift to mastery-oriented goals that the pandemic has inspired in my practice.

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