Kristina Gligorovska (Independent researcher, fashion editor and creative industries consultant). Pandora’s Box of Uncertainty. Mirror, mirror on the wall which “mask” is the best one of them all

We are triggered to unravel the quintessential puzzle of well-being while upholding the fashionable persona in a dystopian environment. It feels like a reminiscent experience of a cyberpunk setting — an escape into new corporeality with redefined aesthetics, amidst an urgent need to transform the system. But, what is a fashionable persona in confinement? How to [re]define the sign, signifier, and significance of fashion and identity in this afresh reality. This unfamiliar condition proposes a “new normal”, which presupposes ambiguous meaning since it is not just opposite of “normal” or its continuum. Essentially, normal cannot be defined. It is a subjective uncharted territory, so it is hard to grasp the reframed connotation of something that has not been defined. What is [new] normal anyway. While being “imprisoned” both inwards and outwards, the experience of the in-between space of the garment and the body becomes more intense. It is a unique encounter in a world of omnipresent fear, where each identity can be reimagined in an ambiance where no one is omniscient of what will follow. The narration of a personal story in light of “disguised” vagueness, in Claude Cahun’s words is mirrored in the maxim “under this mask, another mask.”

Kristina Gligorovska