Linda Kvitkina (Independent researcher, dancer). Exploring Instagram as a Contemporary Dance Space

With a contained space of one’s home dancing has changed to be fitted into the space of one room, or even less. From sterile spaces of black boxes in theatre, or big stages lit with white, the dancing space becomes enlivened by the personal possessions or cupboards, we see a dancer up close, however devoid of stomping on the floor or warmth of a dance class. Moreover, a dancer has to fit in the frame of a camera to be neatly seen either in vertical or horizontal format with the legs and arms exploring the range of a screened movement. The way dancers look also shifted from scene costumes. We see them either in sports wear, or in pyjamas and bathrobes. Nudity (or partial nudity) too, becomes much less of a shock, and more of a fact, more at home.

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