Maria Skivko (Samara National Research University, Russia). The future of OUT-fits after the staying-IN-trend: Homewear triumph and the quarantine time

In the reality of the quarantine time, we reconsider the relations with homewear clothes: they extend their traditional function and easily participate in our daily routine. There are 3 main tendencies to be defined: i) wear comfy — an old practice and a body demand for feeling comfortable and relaxed in the stressful circumstances (healing therapy, shelter, good memories); ii) digital dress-code — a new ritual to dress «official» the upper body in front of the web-camera by working and to leave the out-of-the camera parts with comfy items; iii) after-quarantine homewear trend — what will happen with those comfy clothes after? will they replace in our wardrobes the «uncomfortable» clothes, status clothes, and fancy looks? will a homewear habit be institutionalized? The early-stage research focuses on the change in clothing preferences in the quarantine times that reflects the transformations in consumer priorities, personal identity, and social and cultural values.

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