Mary Stringham and Justin Hsiung (Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York). A Post-COVID 19 Fashion Manifesto

This presentation shares a Post-COVID 19 Fashion Manifesto that was created by two Parsons graduate students pursuing separate degrees in Fashion Studies and Fashion Design. The project focuses on the future of fashion in three distinct areas: production/consumption, education and design. It contains predictions crafted through personal field-observations, at-home design practice, and cross-disciplinary discussions. The manifesto speculates that:

• Production and consumption practices will become more localized and minimalism will come back into vogue;
• Fashion design students will design clothing more oriented to the digital image since in-person instruction is not currently feasible;
• Unconventional materials will be recontextualized and subverted by designers as they are forced to create with limited resources;
• There will be a surge in upcycling and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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