Natalia Solomatine (Geneva University of Art and Design) and Alexandra Schüssler (School of Design Basel). THE BLUE PRINT PROJECT. From Adventurous Central Europe onto the Sofa in the Living-room

During the second academic term first-year fashion students from HEAD ( Geneva School of Art and Design) in Geneva participate in a project focusing on blueprint techniques practiced in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The idea was to do a fieldtrip to Bratislava (SK) in order to learn the technique of blue dying with indigo and thereafter to extensively apply it at the academy. After only one kick-off session with blue dyers from Austria and Hungary presenting their work and a lecture on the history of blueprinting Europe withdrew into private homes due to Covid-19. Students had no access to textiles, indigo or other infrastructure needed to complete the task of designing outfits by using the blueprint technique. Our presentation will shed light on how in this given situation we changed our teaching perspectives and what experiences we have made with students trying to do fashion during the general lockdown.

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