Olga Vainshtein (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow). Dressing for Zoom: challenges and stereotypes

University teachers and researchers are facing now the new challenges. How to dress for teaching online? What to wear for Zoom seminars? As we find ourselves in a world of new norms and rituals, we see a new dress code for virtual academic events is forming quickly. The aim of my presentation is to analyze the blend of novelty and tradition in the strategies of professional self-presentation online. My central assumption is that the opposition of business formal style and academic relaxed looks remains relevant in online teaching. Balancing the performative aspects of gender, professionalism and the inevitable visibility in Zoom, the female academics frequently opt for universal black color and baggy clothes that do not restrict the body. But what tacit conventions are at play here? What factors influence fashion choices in this situation? My paper will be focused around these questions.

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