Rebecca E. Schuiling (Michigan State University, United States, knitwear designer). “Quarantine Pajama Party”: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom, Pajamas cause Unheimlich

During the Covid-19 global quarantine, sales of apparel is dire, save for—Pajamas. Headlines such as “Quarantine pajama party? Apparel sales, Driven by Loungewear, Rise 34% in April” (1), “No one is Buying Pants, but Pajamas are Soaring” (2); and “Comfort is en Vogue during Coronavirus: PJ Sales Surge 143%, Pants Sales Fall 13%” (3). The growing popularity of pajamas during this pandemic is not without its issues, too, such as dressing too casually for court and meetings. Drawing on Freud’s concept of “unheimlich,” which explores private versus public as an experience with familiar encountered in an unexpected context. The familiar becomes unsettling when conducting a work review or meeting in sweatpants; supreme court case hearing including a toilet flushing; and wondering if your professor is wearing pants with his tweed jacket. In this presentation, I explore the clash of private versus public focusing on the use of comfortable knitwear during the pandemic.


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