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Sergei Sokolovsky. Survival (Black snow edition)


RUSSIAN FORMALISM’S SECOND CENTURY: In   Anticipation   of   the   Collection   Era   of   Ostranenie

Jan Levchenko, Igor Pilshchikov. From the Editors

Peter Steiner. Art, Law, and Science in the Modernist Key: Shklovsky, Schmitt, Popper (trans. Igor Pilshchikov)

Igor P. Smirnov. Non-Art in Formalist Aesthetic Theory

Catherine Depretto. The Ideas of Victor Shklovsky in France: Translation and Reception (1965–2011)

Robert Bird. Between Symbolism and Socialist Realism Against Formalism: Pavel Medvedev, Andrey Belyi, and Boris Pasternak on the Edge of the 1930s



I.    Y U R I   L O T M A N

Nikolay Poselyagin. From the Editor

Suren Zolyan. Yuri Lotman on the Text: Ideas, Problems, Perspectives

Mikhail Trunin. “I don’t like this figure at all”: Lotman on Eisenstein as a Predecessor to Structuralism

Vadim Parsamov. On a Series of Lectures that Lotman Never Gave (‘The Decembrists’ Era’)


II.     M I K H A I L   G A S PA R O V

Pavel Nerler. Mikhail Gasparov and the Mandelstam Encyclopedia

Pavel Glushakov. “She deserves to be remembered”:

Maria Shkapskaya in M.L. Gasparov’s Letters to V.A. Sapogov


III.     S O F I A   S TA R K I N A

Sofia Starkina. Aleksey Kruchonykh and Velimir Khlebnikov as Co-authors: New Materials

Bibliography of Sofia Starkina’s Work on Khlebnikov (edited by A.A. Rossomakhin)



Tatiana Weiser. From the Editor

Irina Paperno. “The Siege of Human Being”: Olga Freidenberg’s Notes from the Leningrad Blockade in Anthropological Perspective

Galina Orlova. The Economy of Polar Writing: the Medialization of the Chelyuskin Robinsonade



Alexander Skidan. From the Editor

Ivan Boldyrev. Secrets and Community: the Place of History in Eleusis

Anna Glazova. The Night Community

Igor Gulin. A Community Beyond the Text



Galina V. Zalomkina. Autres horribles travailleurs? The Cognitive Transcendence of Contemporary Russian Poets in Light of the Aesthetics of Rimbaud’s Voyance

Boris Kolymagin. The Body Not Speaking and the Instant of Silence (In the Context of Underground Poetry)

Igor Vishnevetsky. Between Prose and Poetry



Alexander Markov. Fact as Quotation (Review of: S. Stratanovsky. Indecent Polyphony: Poems 2014-2015. SPb, 2016)

Alla Gorbunova. Evangelical Darkness (Review of: D. Strotsev. Stride. Minsk, 2015)



Fedor Nikolai. Intellectual History Today: Nostalgia for Interdisciplinary Transfer, Eclecticism and Problems of Theory (Review of: Glo­bal Intellectual History. N.Y., 2013; Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History. Oxford/N.Y., 2014; A Companion to Intellectual History. Malden; Oxford, 2016)

Evgeny Savitsky. Popular Theories and the Study of the Everyday (Review of: J. Storey. From Popular Culture to Everyday Life. N.Y., 2014)

Dmitri Manokhin. Metaphilosophy in the Context of Discourse analysis: A Series of Experiments (Review of: A.V. Korchinsky. Formats of Thought: Literature and Philosophical Discourse. Moscow, 2015)

E.P. Grechanaya. “Has the Foreign Tongue Turned Native?” (Review of: French and Russian in Imperial Russia. Edinburgh, 2015)

Inna Bulkina. Experiments in an Anthological Vein (Review of: O. Galeta. From Anthology to Ontology: The Anthology as a Means of Representing Ukrainian Literature from the Late Nineteenth – Early Twenty-first Century. Kiev, 2015)


New Books

New Journal



N.V. Braginskaya, D.S. Penskaya. The XXIII Lotman Readings: “Olga Mikhailovna Freidenberg in Scholarship, Literature and History” (Humanities Research Institute, RSHU, 22-24 December 2015)

Natalia Skradol. “Russian Formalism and Literary Theory in Eastern and Central Europe: the Long-range Projection” (conference) (Sheffield University, 15-16 May 2015)

Liudmila Razgulina. “The Voice and the Literary Imagination” (conference) (MSU, 25 Sept. 2015)

Daria Zaitseva, Olga Sveshnikova. Photography and Power. “Depicting Power: Photography in Socialist Societies” (conference) (University of Bremen, 9-12 December 2015); “Depicting New Generations: Children and Young People in Socialist Photography” (roundtable) (University of Bremen, 5 February 2016);

Anna Shvets. Facts of Everyday Life and Literary Fact: Methods of Coupling Various “Languages.” “Barracks-style Neo-avant-garde: On Cultural Interpretations of the Lianozovo Poets’ Experience” (roundtable) (MSU, 11 March 2016)


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