Ekaterina Vasilieva (Saint Petersburg State University). Mask and Mystery: Seсret and Deformation

The present work can be recognized an attempt of the preliminary reflection on the changes that have occurred in the system of culture and fashion and are connected with the situation or the state of the epidemy. The goal, in essence, is not to provide a comprehensive model, but to make preliminary observations related to the new situation. The short research is focused on the situation where the masks as a permanent attribute. The mandatory to use the masks, their constant presence in society, allows to consider the mask as an important element of today's agenda. Masks are everywhere, their presence is total, they have changed the physiognomic and the visual landscape. Masks that hide or distort the features have become the new “face” in everyday life. The mask become the marker of the visual strategy, that is associated not only with the idea of substitution or concealment, but with the change of the principle of personification. The phenomenon of masks in the current situation exists in two main discourses. The first is the violation of the face-body opposition, which made possible to talk about the phenomenon of a “dressed” face and a disappeared body. The second — the new culture of mask has designated a different program of еру individ and еру personality. The author examines the changes in the status of mask in the modern
culture: from the tool of the Other, mask has turned into the means of Nothing. The mask has replaced the phenomenon of hero and character with the idea of formless, distorted and unarticulated.

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