Else Skjold, KADK/DK, Copenhagen, Denmark. LET’S FLATTEN THE CURVE! Reflections on the Danish fashion sector and Danish dress practices during the COVID pandemic

Sustainability researchers in the area of fashion has dreamt for a long time about disrupting the current dysfunctional fashion system. With the COVID crisis this disruption has come over night. It has exposed a season- and trend focused system as fragile and increasingly irrelevant, and it has opened up debates about entire new logics of driving business and consumption that was long needed. This presentation will focus on a two-fold perspective on this, as it has shown in the Danish fashion sector as well as amongst Danish consumers; Firstly, it will present a series of initiatives and debates within the industry itself that occurred up till, during, and in the aftermath of the pandemic that has started here with a slow opening up of society. Secondly, it will draw some reflections on observations of changes in dress practices caused by the pandemic, with departure in research on wardrobes.

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